Oh, yeah…. This thing exists, doesn’t it?

Such a long time between posts. Well, that’s how hectic this damn semester was. I hardly had time to get my homework done, let alone update this blog. And Sandwich Quest? Hah, fat chance. And thus, my blog was left to just sit and wallow in its silence.

Well, that was until the end of this week. Last Wednesday kicked off Finals Week, and what better way to start Finals Week than IMMEDIATE LINEAR ALGEBRA FINAL EXAM. We were given five days to study but with four of those days being spent desperately struggling to finish one homework and two final project assignments before time was up (I only managed to finish two of the three), I only managed to have all of ONE DAY to study for it. It’s like they forget that you have other classes besides theirs when assigning work. But hey, that’s college for you.

So, with Linear Algebra’s final exam out of the way, and with Advanced Writing counting our final project as our final exam, that means I’m halfway done with finals. I just have my Programming class and my Theory class.

Their finals? This Wednesday. Both of them.

Yes, I have two final exams on the very same day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Fun times. At least I have plenty of study time, plus extra time to relax from the massive overload of stress this semester so kindly provided me with. I have had nearly zero gaming time. For a gamer, and for someone planning to eventually enter the gaming industry, that just will not do. So, I’ve been trying to get some gaming in before settling down to study for Wednesday. Also, I’ve finally got some time to work on finishing Sandwich Quest, so that’s back on the agenda. I’ll be working on this during the Summer until it’s finished, so it’ll finally be done after all my putzing about with it. I hope it at least amuses those who remember this from my old CTIN190 class last semester. But if not, it at least amuses me, and I enjoyed making it. And it’s my very first game. The first one I made from scratch. That’s at least worth something, experience-wise.

That’s pretty much everything up to this point. Hopefully, it won’t be another 4-5 months before I post again. Heck, my next post might even be about my finishing Sandwich Quest. That’d be nice.

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