I finally finished Sandwich Quest!

I finally did it! I finished Sandwich Quest! My very first game has been completed! Wheeee!!!

Granted, it’s a very simple game and you can pretty much finish it in about five or so minutes, but the fact of the matter remains that I finally finished a game. I saw it through to its completion and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Anyway, I meant to have this out before the Fall Semester of 2014, but I ended up adding more content than I had originally intended. Then, the semester hit, and hit hard, so I ended up putting it off until now. However, what’s important is the fact that it’s done. Also, let’s not forget the fact that I allowed for actions to be taken in any order, so there’ll definitely be some content that players will miss their first time through. Bet you weren’t expecting this game to have replayability, did you? Hah! (Well, there’s not that much, but there’s still something. I worked hard on this game, dammit.)

Anyway, go check out the game. There’s a link to the game’s page up at the top, and there’s also a direct link here for very lazy people. So, click here if you’re a very lazy person and enjoy Sandwich Quest: The Quest for Sandwich!

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