So, two weeks into my new semester.

I’ve got five classes again this semester, but it definitely looks easier than the previous one. CTIN-101 is Fundamentals of Procedural Media, and it looks like a lot of basic programming with the Processing sketch program. I made a picture of Mario standing on a ? block, Super Mario Bros. style.

EE-352 is Computer Organization and Architecture, which seems like it’s about learning about how processors, memory, and other computer components work, plus learning how to write in assembly language. Seems interesting so far.

MTEC-277 is Intro to Music Technology, which is so far looking to be about music production. So far, so good.

CTAN-452 is Intro to 3-D Computer Animation, which is awesome because I get to work with Maya again. Well, the class is using Maya 2015, but I think I still have Maya 2014. I’m still considering whether to upgrade to Maya 2015 or stay with what I have. I’ll have to check out my options on this end. Thank goodness I have a temporary license for a student version, otherwise this could get very expensive.

And finally, CTIN-488 is Game Design Workshop, which is mostly about game design in general, with an emphasis on non-digital games, e.g. board games, card games, etc. I already finished a modified version of a game called Up the River with a group from my class. We called it Oh, Sh!t! Zombies! (I came up with the name ^__^) and it turned out pretty well. I ended up making the game pieces and providing a single d6 die, so I pretty much ended up doing very little, production-wise, but I did make several contributions to the rules, so there’s at least that. Anyway, this time I have a different group and we’re working on a completely new game. This one’s going to be a 2 vs 1 vs 1 game utilizing trading and romance. Unusual constraints, but we’ve brainstormed and came up with some interesting ideas. We see what happens as we continue to work on it. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

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