And so ends another semester.

Well, except for a couple of finals, that is. But that’s next week. Right now, I finally have time to write something in this blog of mine. I mean, I paid for the damn thing, so I should at leastĀ try to keep it updated.

So. In my Game Workshop class, we ended up making a few non-digital games, e.g. board games, card games, etc. Since they were group projects, I don’t have all the assets from making them, so I can’t post much about them here. However, I did make one by myself, and my group’s Final Project is uploaded to The Game Crafter‘sĀ site, so it can be professionally printed and assembled. I can post my solo game, no problem, and some of the assets I worked on for the Final Project, but it’s not published, so I can only buy copies while logged in under the class’s account. Obviously, I’m going to order a copy for myself at a later date.

So, I’ll post some details and pictures of those two games at a later date. For now, now that I have time to relax, I’m going to relax. For a little while, at least.

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