This is the first game I created with a partner for a school assignment using the Unreal game engine. It’s very rough, but it has most of the mechanics that we wanted to put in the game, specifically a gun that can fire projectiles that ricochet off surfaces in order to hit enemies. It also has a sighting laser to assist in aiming, although the laser can only reflect twice off surfaces. This weapon and its mechanics were what I was mainly responsible for.

Ricochet Screenshot 2

My partner was responsible for simple enemy AI. We both shared level design responsibilities.

Ricochet Screenshot 1

Although this game could use a lot more polish, we were proud of what we were able to build within a couple of weeks. Most of the people we had playtest our game told us that they liked the fact that they could choose between run-and-gunning their way through the game and stealthing their way through, a la Metal Gear.

Ricochet (Windows)

Anyway, if you want to, you are free to download and give it a try. Enjoy!