Smooth Criminals

This is a 3D platforming game that I worked on during USC’s Advanced Games Project 2016-2017 class. It’s a highly polished, commercial-quality game that I worked on as both an Audio Engineer and a Usability Assistant. It’s an art heist game that kinda has a Sly Cooper-esque feel to it at times. As an Audio Engineer, I was responsible for placing most of the SFX in the game with placeholder assets, most of which was replaced with the final assets at the end, as well as designing the character theme fade-in/fade-out when the player swaps characters. As a Usability Assistant, I helped find and document bugs, as well as assist in conducting playtests.

Smooth Criminals Screenshot 1

Smooth Criminals Screenshot 2

This is the game trailer that was made for it:

Smooth Criminals Screenshot 3

Smooth Criminals Screenshot 4

You can find out more about the game, as well as the official link to download the complete game, at this location:

Smooth Criminals (Windows)

Be sure to try it out for yourself!