Post-Finals Update

Now that my last Final Exam for the semester is over, I’ll have more time to work on completing Sandwich Quest, as well as posting most of my more interesting works.

I’ve also decided to declare a minor. Once I go through all the required application/interview steps, I’ll be minoring in Game Audio. So, I’ll have experience in 3D modeling using Maya, programming experience in multiple languages, and soon, I’ll be able to work with game audio. I guess I’ll be able to make games all by myself, at this rate.

I still can’t draw worth a crap, though….

So, I made my own site.

Almost everyone you meet nowadays has some sort of Internet presence.  You can’t throw a rock at a crowd and not hit someone who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, or Twitter, or something (The author of this blog does not condone the act of throwing rocks at random crowds of people).

Anyway, since one can never have enough things to keep track of, I felt that adding one more thing couldn’t hurt. So, I made a website.

Okay, so there’s actually more to it than that. I’m currently a student at the University of Southern California, working on earning my B.S. in Computer Science (Games). My focus is on learning how to become a game programmer.

Yeah, I like games so much, I decided that I want to learn to make my own. Ain’t that special?

Well, if I want to find work as a programmer after I graduate, it might help if potential employers could look upon my works (ye mighty) and tremble see that they are good. And since the site comes with this snazzy, new blog, I figure that I could say a few things here and there, and maybe even add a few things I’ve been tinkering around with on my own, outside of stuff for professional consideration. Like this quirky little piece of hypertext fiction I’ve been working on as a joke. It’s almost done and I know a few people who I’d like to have read it.

So. There you have it. Jason has made his own website. And has apparently shifted into speaking in the third person. Jason apologizes for that. *ahem* Posting is probably going to be even scarcer than that on Facebook, but I will have something to say here from time to time. I’ll probably limit it to things that are school- and game industry-related, so if you’re into that–and don’t mind long waits in between posting–then please feel free to follow along. I’ll try to keep things fun.

-Jason Ulloa