Starting a new project

I suppose I should make it a point to update my site more often, especially since I’m going to be using this site as part of my professional portfolio. Since, I’ve graduated last December, I’ve been sending out resumes to studios in the Greater Los Angeles area, hoping to land an interview and, ultimately, a job. Thus far, no success but I’m still hopeful.

I haven’t been idle, though. Most of my time has been spent decompressing and spending time with family, especially with my kids. With naval service and undergraduate studies and work, I’ve been pretty scant in regards to spending time with family, so I’ve been trying to spend more time with them these past two months since graduating. Not only that, but I’ve also spent more time cleaning up around the house, as well. I’ve been far from idle. However, I’ve done little in regards to game development, other than taking time to learn WPF for certain positions I’ve applied to.

Even though I have hopes that I’ll eventually have an opportunity to gain employment, I cannot just sit and wait for that to happen anymore. So, I’ve decided to start working on a project of my own.

I have a few ideas of what I want my first game to be about, but I want to write up a few design documents before I break out Unity and start working on it. In addition, I am also considering whether to take my Advanced Game Project game, Shades of the Past, and flesh it out into a full-fledged game for commercial release. I’d have to get in contact with the game’s co-developer and see if he wants to go ahead with a full release as well, or if there’s some other way he’d want to handle it. The game is half his, so it’s only right to get his input before moving ahead with anything in regards with it.

As for my own game, all I’m willing to say about it right now is that I want to make a shooter that mixes elements of bullet hell shooters with directional shooting like you’d see in games like Gun.Smoke, where different buttons control different shooting directions. I’ve never worked on a shooter before, so this should be very interesting.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep this blog more current in the future.


A trailer and a new game! It was a busy semester.

So, another long wait and another post after several months. I’m not good at this blogging thing, am I? But, that’s okay, because I’ve got two things to share.

First, as some of you already know, there’s a trailer out on my YouTube channel for a new game that I’ve made for my Intermediate Game Design class at USC. Heh, I actually have a video on my channel now. How weird is that? Anyway, I have to mention that I did not create the trailer, but I did have a little bit of input. Not much though, because I was really busy coding the darn thing. So, if you haven’t yet seen the trailer, here’s a link to it.

Okay, now that you’ve seen the trailer (you have seen it, right?) I’ll get right to the game itself. It’s a 3D room escape-like game built in Unity. The story behind the game is that of a person vacationing in southern Japan, who suddenly blacks out while hiking in the woods near some mountains and wakes up in a locked building. It’s up to the player to find a way out.

I’ve built versions for Windows and Mac, so there shouldn’t be a problem… unless you use Linux. But I can make a Linux build if anyone wants that, so no problems! Anyway, here’s links to the game so you can try it out yourself. There’s no installation; you can unzip the file and double-click the *.exe to start.

Shades of the Past – Windows

Shades of the Past – Mac

There you have it. My first real game, albeit not a game for commercial release. I’m not that far along yet. One day soon, I’ll be able to release my first commercial game, for in the meantime, please enjoy this game that I’ve just finished.

I’m also considering putting up the one I was working on for ITP 380 – Video Game Programming, which was built using Unreal Engine 4.10.4, but there are a few final tweaks I’d like to make before I’d feel comfortable showing it off. Maybe in a couple of months or so, I guess. I mean, I’d hate to have done all that work and not let anyone try it out, right? What would be the point of that?

I made a new game!

It was for a class assignment and it’s admittedly bare-bones, but nonetheless, I made a new game! This is a very simple pinball game that I haven’t really named because of how stripped down it is. I mean, there’s only two flippers and five bumpers, so… yeah. But, in my defense, I’m simultaneously taking three classes that give heavy coding assignments, so I don’t really have time to make things fancy. In fact, once I post this, I’m off to work on another coding assignment that I hope I can finish before I go to bed tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s a link for the people who can’t be bothered to click over to the new Games link higher up on this page.

EDIT (12/16/16): I’ve built my pinball game into a standalone executable file that you can download and play even if you’re not on the internet. The link above has been changed appropriately.

And so ends another semester.

Well, except for a couple of finals, that is. But that’s next week. Right now, I finally have time to write something in this blog of mine. I mean, I paid for the damn thing, so I should at least try to keep it updated.

So. In my Game Workshop class, we ended up making a few non-digital games, e.g. board games, card games, etc. Since they were group projects, I don’t have all the assets from making them, so I can’t post much about them here. However, I did make one by myself, and my group’s Final Project is uploaded to The Game Crafter‘s site, so it can be professionally printed and assembled. I can post my solo game, no problem, and some of the assets I worked on for the Final Project, but it’s not published, so I can only buy copies while logged in under the class’s account. Obviously, I’m going to order a copy for myself at a later date.

So, I’ll post some details and pictures of those two games at a later date. For now, now that I have time to relax, I’m going to relax. For a little while, at least.

I finally finished Sandwich Quest!

I finally did it! I finished Sandwich Quest! My very first game has been completed! Wheeee!!!

Granted, it’s a very simple game and you can pretty much finish it in about five or so minutes, but the fact of the matter remains that I finally finished a game. I saw it through to its completion and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Anyway, I meant to have this out before the Fall Semester of 2014, but I ended up adding more content than I had originally intended. Then, the semester hit, and hit hard, so I ended up putting it off until now. However, what’s important is the fact that it’s done. Also, let’s not forget the fact that I allowed for actions to be taken in any order, so there’ll definitely be some content that players will miss their first time through. Bet you weren’t expecting this game to have replayability, did you? Hah! (Well, there’s not that much, but there’s still something. I worked hard on this game, dammit.)

Anyway, go check out the game. There’s a link to the game’s page up at the top, and there’s also a direct link here for very lazy people. So, click here if you’re a very lazy person and enjoy Sandwich Quest: The Quest for Sandwich!